"Energy &" – the new magazine from NRP 70 and 71 on current questions in energy research

The photo shows a young man with a lot of electronic devices

The first edition of "Energy &" on the theme of lifestyle examines many different aspects of everyday energy use and the contributions made by energy research.

​​"What? This has already been researched?" – that is likely to be just one of the astonished responses to "Energy &", the new magazine issued by the National Research Programmes 70 and 71. The "Energy & Lifestyle" theme begins a series of at least three issues of the magazine this year and the next.

The first issue focuses on the findings of lifestyle research as regards our use of energy. It takes an in-depth look into the contributions made by energy research in the areas of housing, consumption and mobility.

Researchers of NRP 70 and 71 have their say, and potential new options for improving our lives with less energy are discussed.

The authors had the freedom to deal with these aspects factually, as well as from their own particular perspectives and based on their own beliefs.

This has helped to create a magazine that impresses the importance and diversity of energy research on readers through its contents, appearance and format – particularly on teachers and pupils, as well as on politicians, administrators and representatives of the energy sector.

The magazine can be downloaded in German and French at www.energie­und.ch and can also be ordered free of charge there.