Research for Switzerland’s energy future. Résumé of the National Research Programme "Energy"

The picture shows the title page of the program résumé.

The résumé summarises the results of the research projects and syntheses of the NRP "Energy" and derives conclusions and recommendations.

The joint résumé of the National Research Programmes «Energy Turnaround» (NRP 70) and "Managing Energy Consumption" (NRP 71) outlines the results from the total of 103 research projects and four complementary studies, as well as the six thematic syntheses and four joint syntheses, conducted under the programme. On the basis of these findings, it goes on to draw conclusions and make recommendations.

The résumé is a scientific contribution to the process of opinion formation, to political and specialist debate as well as to the planning of strategies and measures necessary for the transformation of the energy system against the backdrop of Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050.

With the suggested approaches and recommendations, the résumé is especially aimed at those key stakeholders who, to a considerable extent, shape the energy system and who can thus also influence its development.

With the publication of the programme résumé, the National Research Programmes "Energy Turnaround" (NRP 70) and "Managing Energy Consumption" (NRP 71) have been concluded.

Currently, some joint syntheses and final products are being prepared for the web portal and will be published there shortly.